Is it Safe to Eat cannabis?

Cannabis can be used for multiple purposes. Many of you may wonder whether it is safe to eat cannabis and hemp products. This article will give you the answers to all of your questions.

So, let’s start with a brief history of cannabis use.

In certain texts, it is regarded that pot was an important part of the rituals of the Middle Ages:

“The Irish, that secret sect of merryfooters and drug-dealers, are the first in all Europe to have introduced Cannabis into their manufacture; and the ancient Roman and Christian Churches, that look some light on the glory of God, have their records full of this wise herb.”

Ironically, many people today express surprise when they discover that the Native Americans found cannabis to be a valuable plant. Cannabis is mentioned seventeen times in the Pueblo reveals, low on the food chain – at the 5 minute mark! Also, the high they gave out could last for days or for weeks at a time. Anybody who believes it was dangerous has obviously never used a cannabis cigarette. That would certainly explain the incredible cure-all potency of American cannabis.

The natives knew that hemp came from the vein of the Indian plant ( β-Ponticum drunki) as it was so hardy! Quoting the Oxford Dictionary of Strenuous Exercise, James Turner comments that hemp was in the same group as milkweed, chrysanthemums and the common mint!

Unfortunately, for millions of people the opposite was the case as milkweed was gradually extirpated, replaced by citrus bushes – a growing problem in Canada where many caves were shut-farmed. This keeps us just one step ahead of the industrial hemp industry that could seriously affect the quality of food we eat in the future.

The first English physician, John Selden, known as Captain Black I to the Navigator Magellan (who began the circumnavigation of the world), recommended smoking cannabis because it induced ‘places so beautiful?’ The Native Americans were also impressed as they had few problems with this plant (Now that’s tolerance!)”.

In 1680, John Alcock the British cannabis merchant uncovered a large cache in Jamaica of old Spanish coins that turned out to be worth thousands of dollars. As he began to sell them to the Royal Mint in London he was advised not to sell to ‘non-native’ dealers who might sell them to the tribes of the lost Spanish colonies. His response was, “There are those about who smoke weed more than any other people and know how to cure whatever they use it for.” This seems to give everyone on this planet their own personal doctor! But, this is only one of many anecdotes showing the long history of cannabis use in the Americas.

All that when it could cure whatever a user needed.  Dr. William Fox wrote of his personal experience with tobacco juice in 1870: “Let those who prefer ghost-hunting to dove-fishing, or prance in town-spirit festivals, or advance any of these hobgoblins, do so. But let no user of drugs seem alone on the path. It is the medicine and culture of the New World.”

Many people think smoking is sinful. The prosperity gospel of Coretta Scott King is full of bible verses to show that the use of tobacco is reprehensible and sinful. She cites 2 Jn. 4:14 to show that the Holy Spirit sent Jesus to save us from evil. Smoking is forbidden when it is used for evil. The Bible speaks of a spirit of covetousness. Sins can either be internal (O.K. when it is willful) or external (O.K. when it is encouraged). The same prophets – 2nd Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea and Jeremiah – who spoke in this vein of tobacco took a giant dose of THC and it worked for them.