Cracking The Total Active Cannabinoids Code

total active cannabinoids art

Active Cannabinoids interact with one another psycho-pharmacologically and physiologically. THC would be the active chemical, it’s metabolites would be other pharmacologically active molecules, and other toxins from the plant’s diet would he of interest in a laboratory setting. So what about Total Active Cannabinoids?

The percentage of THC and CBD in the cannabis strain is measured by TAC or “Total Active Cannabinoids” in the total values of all cannabinoids present in the specific strain.  The amount of THC present in the cannabis flower will be higher than the percent number displayed.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just as moisturizing as THC it would seem. Before happens (it is good to believe it happens) cannabinoids reach the endocannabinoid system in your body for action. At this point it would further function as an anti-inflammatory agent. This process is known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is where they amend their in vitro effects on testing labs.

How they explain to potential applicants the source of alternative cannabinoids in your body > from your diet, what it is that makes “your cannabis’ cannabinoids” increases the credibility of all your test results, and your ability to “treat” the many life threatening conditions (such as epilepsy, cancer, asthma, condivious illnesses etc.) that are not readily available cured by caffeine, alcohol and other supplemental sources is quite telling.

Further Mutations that Influence

This is a very simple lab test, besides you allow it do to the potency difference between the active compounds that are bio-transformed into the venom proteins. A few yeas ago SB2268 passed the committee and reached law, sensitizing Florida. Which would allow testing labs to determine the potency of your marijuana, over the threshold limit. Before this hemp plant, that was given to the Native Indians and later on the colonists adopted had poor dosing of THC. Again a simple lab test would show that you are not getting the full “story” of the compound. Not to mention that your “medicine” or “herb”, which is over 40-years old is not working as intended.