HHC Hexahydrocannabinol Texas

It may come as no surprise that Texas is home to a lot of the Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that has been rising in popularity since many states have banned Delta-8-THC. In this post, we want to share more details about this cannabinoid and it’s legality in the State of Texas.

To do so, we go to one of the top podcast episodes on the subject, and below is the transcript.

Host: Welcome to hash it out in this episode, I’ll be speaking withboth men about the launch of new products featuring the far lesser known cannabinoids such as hexahydrate cannabidiol and we will also discuss the recent news in Texas that has re legalized Delta-8 THC products in the state temporarily. The controversy surrounding the production of minor cannabinoid products before extensive research and more without further ado let’s hash it out.

Host: My guest today is the founder of the C. B. D. and Delta-8 company. Welcome to the show both men. How are you today?

Guest: For a woman, thanks for having me.

Host: Thanks for being here men. Now, where you are joining us live from today?

Guest: Thousand Oaks, California.

Host: I’m a little south from you. I’m over into Orange County, up here by Knots Berry Farm. I can hear the screams from the accelerator out my window so right on man!

Guest: I think that’s a good run been there couple times.

Host: Yeah dude, yeah I was just sad we just did.

Guest: I can’t handle that though you can never relax usually. I’m just trying to walk through to find a corn dog and I got these people jumping out at me like it’s a it’s a whole thing.

Host: Hey man thanks so much for sitting down and having a conversation with me. I’m looking forward to asking about all you’ve got going on and then going into some of the latest Delta 8 news that has been making waves recently. So diving right in here, I understand that you offer a full suite of full spectrum and broad spectrum products including tinctures, flower, topicals, capsules and pet products– which I I’m super interested about. I also understand that you were born and raised in the Los Angeles area, and I’ve said that your favorite part about working with the plant has been the constant discovery which I think is a really great quote. So with that being said tell me more about all of how all of this started and what you have discovered since your launch in October 2019, if I have that right?

Guest: We started in October. We were in different parts of the industry prior whether it be the nicotine industry. We focused heavily on high strength products a lot of the products that were out there that I saw they were all you know two 50 milligram, 500 very light stuff. I mean the normal human needs about 600 milligrams a day to actually feel the benefits from CBD. So we focused on higher strength stuff. We started a 1000mg above that was 2500mg their highest. 500,000 we come out with the 10,000mg here shortly but everything that I’ve done so far in my life and business has always been based around being fair as far as the price and everything else. Qualities always, but I think for the big thing for us as well too so we tried to not we try to make it reasonable for everyone it’s always been my goal to have everyone be able to try I mean let’s face it there’s not a lot of people who spend a hundred dollars and a teacher you know it’s just not reason most and I kind of face that problem we first started and a lot of people I think have.

Guest: Taking it too far and for too long so that anything that I ever trying to, I’m trying to stir up so we always made things fair from the beginning. We made them higher strength. We came out with a wide variety of products. Tinctures were the first thing and then as the industry developed and stuff like that, we just kind of soon just started to launch other things that people need.

Host: You you mentioned that you all started back in October 2019 so I mean in the course of just a couple of years, y’all have certainly experienced unprecedented events such as a global pandemic. So what has it been like to sort of navigate that space and then sort of experience the the the uptick in in demand for hemp cannabis and CBD products which has sort of been the opposite of what other industries have been experiencing during this this corona at age?

Guest: Yeah it’s been a fun it’s been a fun industry to be in during this time because it’s actually been quite beneficial for people to use this product during this time I mean with obviously people being fearful of code and you know PTSD from and all sorts of stuff which is understandable like there’s a lot of people who actually benefited from us from the products.

Guest: For us, we didn’t really experience any problems as far as supply chain issues or anything like that coming from a background of cGMP and all the things we’ve done throughout the course of our history. I’ve been in this industry so to speak since 2014 with other products, like I said, so between the operations managers we have here in the supply chain coordinators and all that different quality directors we have it was pretty easy it’s been crazy to see how over the last three years how much it’s changed honestly. Like the landscape so to speak, when we first started this is an example we were buying kilos CBD whether it was broader full spectrum for.

Guest: $60,000 a kilo, I mean just on the raw material spectrum, to see how much that’s changed me now you can buy kilos of CBD for $300, $400, $500 flat. Landscapes change but that’s been great also because we’ve been able to pass savings along to your customers and we’ve always been super consumer focused. And so you know, I have a person here for instance who specifically just read the reviews that get posted and anyone that we see that you know he’s using the product, and he’s of that or someone who has cancer or anything like that, we make sure to you know find their name their address and send the more products for free. Like I said, I mean even at the prices that we have which are you know how this is not a quarter of what most people charge it is still a lot for people you know I don’t expect.

Guest: To spend $200 an order three rollers in order it’s like it’s it’s very easy for us to send out extra stuff and and just trying to help, and I mean like I said it this whole entire industry is great. But it’s not worth much unless everyone can trust I mean, there’s a lot of people with $20 dollars in your pocket. There’s not a lot of people hundred so the more we have service people who actually truly needed who are struggling that that that’s kind of been our focus from the start.

Host: Yes I did them and that’s a really great message. I’ve said it before on the show that I think it’s paramount that the cannabis industry and the hemp industry by extension really set itself apart from others and that it remains something that is community based and community driven. And you know, really prioritizes giving back and providing these these goods to other people who really need it to regardless of whatever their budget may be. So I’m really glad to hear that.

Guest: Yeah, great to see people. It’s been great to see people progress with it too. I mean not that I was ever a skeptic, but even for me see what it was and something that I was super familiar with, cannabis has obviously been around for ages and stuff and that’s always super familiar to me. But I to be honest, the last couple years I didn’t even think about maybe four or five years ago is when I really started to hear about it. But I always knew it was, I mean from Robert, you’re respected it was outlandish the prices that were out there five, six, seven years ago. We used to be able to like use a CD for $30k, $40k and it was unreasonable. So I mean I think sure, back then really good stuff cost $500 and people really weren’t making much on it. But it wasn’t something that anyone could ever really adopt right and so to see the progression that was huge but to also see the people who have chosen to buy you know acres of land in North Carolina, and grow home for their family and then see that had to be bought that biomass the purchase– and then see this extractor who just went out on a limb about the extraction equipment now he’s working specifically with that farm– and then to see him create that raw material — will have this purchase and I just to see people who have never been involved in business find so much joy in the plant and seeing the steps that people take to end up getting into a finished product. It’s pretty cool, I mean ,I don’t know I think it’s super interesting.

Host: Yes definitely and it continues to develop as well I wanna sort of shift gears here a little bit to talk about you mentioned I just a few minutes ago. Ever since your launch has been working to release new products with new cannabinoids and new chemical compounds and things like that and you know — the smaller lesser known cannabinoids have certainly been a major topic of discussion. Increasingly over the past months, Delta 8 THC has certainly been one of the bigger ones but I want to talk first about HHC or or for those who may not be familiar hexahydrate cannabidiol now this is a cannabinoid that was first created in 1944 by the American chemist Roger Adams when he added hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC with a process called hydrogenation.

These days the the cannabinoid is typically derived through a process that begins with hemp and I understand that working to offer HHC products in the coming weeks so what more can you tell me about that.

Guest: So through the course of history for us we’ve been really good at paying attention to market a lot of these things didn’t exist right so it kind of all started golf balls, go back a little bit kind of all started with Aldi, is soon as people figured out that they could remediate specific camera noise out of products so like for instance CBN or CBG or whatever was right there were. People started to get creative and then once the Farm Bill that came out, everyone knew what the rules were, people really started reaching so then Delta-8 became a thing and even for us. It’s like. I’m not an extractor I don’t grow flower but to see these extractors get created and be able to pull out specific parts of the plant was awesome so Delta-8 became a big thing and when that became a big thing, it just all kind of took off from there. And all these things out of all of them, HHC has been the one compound or you know part of the plant so to speak, that has been the cleanest that we’ve seen from a testing perspective– and everything else it’s not as strong as your normal D9-THC, but with high levels of it can get you know to that same kind of place.

Guest: Yeah whether it is D-10 HHC, they’re all clean parts of the plant and it’s crazy that inside of the Farm Bill Act that you know that’s accessible, and I think in a lot of respects so I have different parts of my business like I said. So I actually own a manufacturing company in the same building as well, too. So for us, we’ve been vertically integrated the whole time so I don’t send out any of our work. I mean not by labels and bottles and stuff like that from different vendors, but we do all the mixing we do all the testing here we have our own lab we do it so we’re vertically integrated top to bottom for the most part. So to see these specific parts of the plant so to speak come to fruition and see the market slowly adopting has been crazy!

So this is the first step we’ve taken the HHC– well part of it had just been a disposable sweep. The biggest disposable in the industry right now– it’s a two and a half gram disposable– there’s no regulations on size so you know, like I said, everything for us is bigger and better– more strength for the same price, if not less. Most people out there doing half grams, one grams we chose to do a two and a half gram. We designed specifically with China and it’s a beautiful device. It is something that we’re already using right now for a 810 combo but yeah, HHC is the newest thing that we’ve adopted. There’s company in Colorado that we work closely with you — was able to extract it first and we launch it in probably the next seven to ten days. And we’ll go for it, but you know with a lot of heat that people get from the 810 vapes differs in each states.

In Texas and you know then, there are seven to nine states currently banned.

Stuff like that, HHC, right now across all 50 states is completely legal and we’ll see where it takes us but you know the key to all this is just having a wide variety of products.

I mean because not everything is one fit all type of thing for everyone so you know whether be all the flavors, we often the tinctures and strengths– whether it be for pets or the bath bombs, the cream– some people you know don’t like to take a tincture sublingually, Abd some people just like to smoke flower. So having the options has really been the key and like I said, we started with tinctures and that was it.

Host: That’s the most used form of taking CBD, if I’m not mistaken. like I said before, vaping or smoking, I think it’s been it’s great, I mean it’s definitely brought in a whole different crowd of people, and you know the loyalty programs we offer and all sorts of stuff. It’s like this– this company for me, like I said, it’s not the first one I’ve done and all the rest are very similar in the sense of the way that we help.

Guest: I mean it’s just about giving back, you know, I mean it’s like I think that most people say that but I think if people looked at our product offering, the prices and how far we’ve gone in the history, we’ve had before another another businesses that we’ve done they would notice it right off the bat.

Guest: Companies that we’ve done so far have all been successful because of that I mean every part of the in, each industry I’ve walked into, like I said, whether it be nicotine or kratom or CBD or manufacturing, we always come from a fair perspective and we’ve always one majorly off of just that promise because it’s like– it doesn’t take much for someone to understand, but this doesn’t cost much money and it should be fair. I mean you got ready groups in Facebook hours and all sorts of people who are using our calculators, I understand it so it’s like there’s not a lot of people anymore can get away.

Host: The controversy that has been surrounding these minor cannabinoids that have been sort of brought into the the the spotlight lately for those who make out there who may not be familiar…

Delta-9– when we refer to Delta-9 that’s a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in hemp in trace concentrations and then is altered using commonly fractional distillation as well as temperature and pressure variations according to Leafly HHC. There isn’t as much research about it just yet, but it is like we mentioned and up and coming in popularity cannabinoid so the research will come.

You know as it has with other cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp, in general, but my question for you is some cannabis companies in those cannabis communities have asked, you know, in a world where Delta-9 THC already exists then, why do you see it as a valuable opportunity to pursue these minor cannabinoids and then what is it like for you to sort of operate in this like sort of space right now? I mean ,like what isn’t the visit in this country anymore in this day and age but yeah what it what’s that been like for you?

Guest: So I see all sides of it, right. So outside of having a consumer facing brand, we also do manufacturing so we know. Do you see many manufacturing red tape manufacturing? For 15-20 different brands all across the country, Transocean that side of the fence and CD’s other business owners sell the products that they sell and the different platforms that they do it on, and then to also have a brain myself, I I get to see kind of all sides of all the problems and all the great things about it, too. I think for people who have cannabis facing businesses, I think Delta-8 mmhm you know Delta-10 and seen a lot of these compounds, they’re not a threat necessarily.

But no one can be mad at the Ford –you know I’m thinking mind that all these people have to be able to dissect the plant, that way right– it’s like the Farm Bill Act was created for everyone to know what the playing field was and then everyone has taken it, ran with it– so given that Delta-9 is obviously, you know, regulated the way that it is across the northern states that it’s legal and it’s not it’s been a game changer for people, I guess and this is just an example, I’m not sure.

But let’s say Wisconsin is not — doesn’t have recreational/medical use and for cannabis but let’s say there’s someone there who genuinely need something that would benefit them. It’s like Delta it’s a great option so for a lot of states like that they have never really had any chance to purchase products like that. I mean it’s been a constant for a lot of people so from the Delta-8 perspective and HHC perspective it’s been so cool to see people be able to take advantage of and actually put it to use and and honestly I don’t think a lot of people– I mean even from a government standpoint — and obviously you’re singling out of Texas and stuff like that — I don’t think anyone even really was forward thinking in that manner when they even really created the Farm Bill Act.

Guest: I think they were just looking at the products that were on the market there, like okay this is what it is, sure this is what we got to you know trying to figure out this is, what will control this is very different THC levels that you you know to be compliant and I don’t really you know and then it just kind of spun it from there. But it kind of is I’ll give everyone credit in this industry who continues to fall — I mean and that’s the most part about all this stuff anything that is.

Host: You know CBD-related, nicotine-related, kratom-related — all these different products, like, everywhere — such an evolution. I mean, it’s so cool to see him from the start till the end because like I said you used to be able to look by tincture for $500. Now you can buy a 5000 gram tincture for you know fifty bucks. It’s like that’s crazy.

Guest: It’s just been cool, right– to see. And I I get from a lot of different states’ standpoints the problems with it because I mean: look everyone– anything can be abused, right so it’s like I totally get that and you know even in the legal THC spaces like you still have people who have problems with it.

Host: There’s always something new coming out still and it’s that has really been great to see, and you know we mentioned, we’ve been mentioning Texas throughout our conversation here because you know it is all about accessibility and these people who may be living in states that don’t have cannabis legalization are finding alternatives with these Delta-8 products and these HHC products. But then you also have states now that are cracking down on that– Texas being one of them.

They’ve made it very very clear that the Texas state lawmakers have made it very very clear that they don’t get down with Delta-8 THC. It’s the “spawn of Satan”, but recently a Travis County Judge issued an injunction upon the Department of State Health Services that results essentially in the relegalization of Delta-8 THC in Texas. At least for the time being, so my question for you is: you know as a company as you said that ships all throughout the United States, what is it or what are your thoughts on that recent legal news in Texas and then what is it been like for you to sort of deal with differing regulations in different states? Which I mean are also very nebulous and and changing every single day– what has that been like for you I’m sure it keeps you on your toes?

Guest: The open door policy we can have for all of these things to try and be a showcase these people the better way so I mean we’ve gotten awards from OSHA. We’ve gotten I mean our labs FDA-certified. Like, there’s a tremendous amount of steps we’ve taken over the last five to six to seven years to make sure that there’s nothing that we don’t have I am no matter what industry center-right so for Texas, it’s been interesting thing because like I said– whether it’s on a copacking side, there’s a lot of businesses.

So with Texas being a big state, there’s a lot of great people. There’s a lot of money that passes through that place and it’s definitely one of the highest consuming states out of the whole country. When it comes to these products and so to see them go through that was tough and it you know everyone took a big hit from it, but at the end of the day and I can’t speak on lost too much without you know maybe making a mistake, but what I do know is that that Farm Bill lacked was for the whole country and so I I think each state can maybe make their own laws individually that might be a thing. And that’s obviously what we’re saying but it’s tough to make something illegal when you already made it legal and then to see them actually go through it and then to see actually get overturned in the way that it did.

It’s a good example for every other state who wants to go through it too because now that everyone you know, the CBD industry is growing rapidly even more there’s coalitions of people, whether it be lawyers or businesses, that are actually banding together now on actually fighting this war. As you know when an industry is in its infancy, most people don’t want to take the first to just jump to try and find something. So even for Texas, it’s like there’s way too many businesses down there whether it be vape shops or CBD stores or brands or products– like it’s too much of a business out into trying to stop something that you may be legal that’s helping people be ready to fight now which is great you know. And that’s kind of what it’s always been like. I said, “Do you know whether it be the tobacco industry or CBD are all the things that were a part?”

It’s like we’ve always dealt with regulations but that’s the best part because honestly as things progress and there’s bad things from time to time they occur but most of the time it legitimizes an industry. So maybe we can’t do this but we can do this — maybe we can meet in the middle — maybe there is a specific amount of debate that you allow advice verses you’re just being point .3% THC in it, you know?

Because most most Delta-8 at this point has been remediated with no THC so there’s no trace elements anymore. Whereas we’re in D8 first, you know, kind of started maybe a year ago so to speak. When it really came on the scene a lot of extractors hadn’t figured out yet how to remediate to do it so there was a lot of products that were on the market that you know most people consider “hot” that would pop for over the legal limit stuff like that we’ve gotten past.

To sum up

I don’t know it was a great victory means for Texas, it’s like big industry, big state. And to seek overturn the way they did it, it’s like the Farm Bill Act is like the holy grail for this whole thing. A legal challenge regarding the ban of Delta-8 THC in Texas is set for a trial on January 28, 2022 so we’re gonna have to keep our eye on that but up until now up until then rather Delta-8 is legal in Texas. So if you’re watching this in Texas, I mean I’m not trying to encourage you to test– I’m trying to encourage you to stockpile by like at the beginning of the pandemic. I sort of just see this as a really great metaphor for hemp and cannabis in general because it’s been like that throughout generations, throughout centuries.

Hexahydrocannabinol Texas